Dispute Resolution

Should you have any comments, complaints or compliments regarding our service or our dispute resolution process, please let us know. This feedback helps us to learn and to improve our service.

  • What you can expect

    What you can expect:

    • To have your concerns and complaints heard
    • To be treated with dignity and respect
    • To have your concerns and complaints treated with fairness
    • To receive a quick and appropriate response to any complaints
    • To have your concerns or complaints escalated where necessary
    • To be thanked for raising your concern/compliment/complaint
  • Lodging a complaint

    Lodging a complaint

    Should you have a complaint, please feel free to contact us via your nearest Absa Branch or by contacting us directly via email or telephonically.

    Should the complaint not be resolved immediately, Absa will register your complaint and provide you with a reference number.

    Within 3 business days, you will be provided with a resolution or the estimated time required to resolve the complaint. In the unlikely event we cannot resolve your complaint within 20 business days, you will receive a letter of resolution/conclusion on our position or an indication of when we expect to reach resolution. If you are not satisfied with the resolution/conclusion, you are invited to escalate your complaint as indicted in the escalation process.

  • Internal dispute resolution

    Internal dispute resolution

    Section 6 of the Code of Banking Practice (COBP) deals with:

    • The undertakings of the bank with regard to dispute resolution
    • The bank's Internal Dispute Resolution Procedures (referred to as IDRP)
    • The Ombudsman for Banking Services (referred to as OBS)
    • Reference to FAIS

    All the banks that are members of the Banking Council have adopted IDRP, which became effective on 1 April 2003. The IDRP is in line with the requirements of the complaints procedures as defined in FAIS and specifically in the FAIS General Code (referred to as FAIS GC).

    It is of the utmost importance that customers’ disputes with the bank are addressed successfully. The following are required of the banks with regard to internal dispute resolution:

    • The bank's IDRP must comply with the standards determined by the Banking Council
    • The bank must acknowledge a client's initial complaint within a set time period
    • The bank must indicate to the client how long it will take to respond more fully to the complaint. This will happen when the bank
    • Acknowledges receipt of the complaint and/or negotiates a resolution date acceptable to the client
    • If a client requests it, the bank must provide him/her with information of the IDRP
    • If a client wants to lodge a complaint, the bank must inform him/her how to do it
    • If the client is not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint, the bank must inform the client what he/she can do next
    • The bank must ensure that all staff in branches, client care staff or call centre staff assist a client with any queries and/or complaints
    • The client can use the bank's website to obtain more information or to lodge a complaint
    • Before the client lodges an official complaint with the OBS Office, he/she should first contact the bank to attempt to resolve the issues
    • The bank must give the client a reference number for the complaint